Coverage for all possibilitiesAcknowledging that your current sources of income replacement may not be adequate in the event you become too sick or injured to work is a key first step. Now it’s time to evaluate choices that will meet your needs for income replacement. It’s important to consider how a policy performs in its entirety to determine if the coverage can provide sufficient value and financial assistance during a period of disability.

  1. How much income replacement will I need?
  2. How much coverage may I qualify for?
  3. What will determine whether or not I’m disabled and when do benefits begin?
  4. How long will benefits be payable?
  5. Could my policy be changed, cancelled or my premium raised?
  6. Will my benefits keep pace with inflation?

Not sure if your policy performs in its entirety? Download our full sheet or call 479-273-1421 for more information.

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