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Arkansans Under Age 64


UnderAge 64 Healthcare

Arkansas Blue Cross and Blue Shield Plans

On Exchange

You are required to go through On Exchange in the Marketplace if you wish to qualify for subsidy dollars. Due to current discussions in Washington, subsidizing dollars may or may not continue in the future. So the status of On Exchange policies may have volatility in the near future. Any changes may require requalification as per federal law.

Off Exchange

With Off Exchange: Instead of going through the Marketplace, Mike can assist you by going directly to the provider. By going directly to the provider, Mike will be able to offer you the same plans at the same price, but not subjected to the volatility of the marketplace. Subsidy dollars are not available with Off Exchange.

Limited Duration Plans

Limited Duration Plans provide from 30 to 36 months of coverage for people who need help in transition between jobs, and less expensive cost plans.

Dental and Vision

Dental & Vision is a plan that is mandatory for kids under age 18, but optional for adults 19 and older.

Vision is optional for all ages and with the best provider, VSP.


Supplemental Insurance helps to pay for the costs that health insurance doesn’t pay for. This includes cancer and heart policies, international health plans, hospital expense plans, and critical illness plans.

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