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Medicare Supplement and Advantage Plans


Medicare Supplement and Advantage Plans

Advantage Plan Options for Medicare Part C

Medicare Part C plans provide options for additional benefits. Below are some of the benefits and details of the various Part C plans. There are other details to consider that depend on your financial situation, your plans for retirement, and your health. Give us a call at 479-273-1421 to schedule a personalized consultation and create a health care plan for your retirement.

Benefits of Advantage plans:
  • No copay for Primary Care Providers
  • Reasonable copay for specialists, outpatient care, and outpatient surgery
  • Reasonable copay for emergency and urgent care
  • You pay 1-5 days for in-hospital care
  • Out-of-pocket expenses are capped
  • Can cover skilled nursing facility care
  • Covers durable medical equipment
  • Drug plans usually included with no deductible (which fulfills your Part D requirement)
  • Accepted by all hospitals in NWA
  • Accepted by a large network of providers in NWA
  • Multiple insurance carrier options

The Advantage options are:

  • HMO: zero cost, includes a drug plan, can include dental/vision/hearing plans, requires that you stay within a network of providers (with an excellent network in NWA).
  • PPO: has a monthly cost. It includes a drug plan, hearing, dental, and vision.
  • PFFS: low cost, includes a drug plan, and can be used outside Arkansas as long as the provider accepts original Medicare.

Supplement Plans

Benefits of Supplement plans (sometimes known as Medigap Supplements):
  • Cover the 20% of costs that Medicare Parts A and B (Original Medicare) do not pay
  • Predictable out-of-pocket costs
  • Low or no member cost sharing
  • Competitive premiums
  • Pre-existing-condition coverage from Day 1
  • Manageable rate increases when necessary
  • Accepted nationwide
  • Does not require a primary care provider, referrals, or networks
  • Can be combined with a stand-alone prescription drug plan (Part D)
  • Silver and Fit rewards program available
Basics of the Supplement plans:

For more information, schedule a free consultation with Mike Czapliskie